Parachute rocked their sold out show at Mill City Nights in Minneapolis last Friday night!  The guys never dissapoint and I wasn't surprised that once again Minnesotans showed them some love. Parachute is touring in support of their new album "Overnight" and this show marked the fourth time the band has played Minneapolis in the last year and a half.

I enjoy spending time with the guys backstage before the gigs and always seem to find something else I really like about them.  Parachute have nobody to thank for their success other than themselves.  If you ask them, they will give credit to their label, management and families.  These are true singer-songwriters, who play multiple instruments and leave it all on the stage every time they perform.  The crowd was made up of everything from twenty somethings to middle aged dads singing every song verbatim.

Parachute (Chad Taylor)

This band better be on your radar by now!  Parachute are one of pop music's best and brightest without question.  Will Anderson couldn't be a stronger front man if he tried.  His voice held up throughout the 90 minute + set and his interaction with the crowd was second to none. The University of Virginia should be very proud of what this band has been able to accomplish since their debut (Loosing Sleep) back in 2009.

P.S. Matt Hires also did a rocking job and joined the guys on stage for a Bruce Springsteen cover.  Courtney Cox would have been proud of their dancing!