We all know how relaxing it is to sleep, we lay down to slumber and hear ourselves say, ahhhh. Sometimes we may find it very hard to sleep, why is that?

The short list below may be some of those reasons:

  • You're showering is a possibility - We always want to stay clean but taking a 'hot' shower just before bed can cause the body to overheat, therefore; making it hard to sleep.
  • Exercising - Don't get me wrong to exercise is a good thing but doing it too close to bedtime not so good. The body needs a hair more than three hours (if you are to exercise) prior to bedtime or it will be a long night.
  • Internet Surfing/Watching TV - As odd as this may sound, the bright lights from both trick your brain into thinking it's still daytime. I told you it was odd but makes sense so shut those things down long before bedtime.

If your concious of some of those things you might find yourself getting a better night sleep. Wow it's my bedtime, I'll catch you next time, sleep well!