What do women think about?  Who really knows the answer to that one.  What do they fantasize about?  Most will never tell you.  But a study came out recently, claiming that 75% of American women have fantasized about their man as a fireman. That's right, you might not know how good you look in that uniform, BUT SHE DOES!

Why not a professional athlete?  Those guys are usually in very good shape.  They are, generally, young and certainly filthy rich.  Why don't women picture their man as a quarterback, or a third baseman?  Maybe because pro athletes are known womanizers.  I suppose it's hard to fantasize about your man, as someone who you know is going to cheat on you.

What about a lawyer, a politician, or some other job where your man wears a suit and tie?  What's the problem here?  BOR - ING.  These guys are extremely dull, and many of them, stuck-up jerks, as well.  Just because his wardrobe is second to none, that doesn't mean his heart is.  These are often the guys who also have the "job before all else" mentality.  Good luck in therapy with him, too.

A radio disc jockey is usually a real nice guy, how come nobody fatasizes about him?  These are guys that are smart, funny, and very good listeners.  If you require a man with a lot of money, however, you might want to look elsewhere.

Firemen are smart, handsome, and in great physical shape.  They have to be kind, loving, caring people, just to do what they do.  I get it.  One question though; is it OK for me to imagine my gal as a 'firewoman'?  It seems only fair....