I really do not like April Fool's day. I am an April Fool's Scrooge. The main reason behind this is the fact that I am awful at pranks. I can't keep a straight face when they happen right in front of me, and I hate when people prank me. So I figured I would give you a list of my least favorite pranks that have been pulled on me or I have seen done.

- Jumping out from behind a corner and scaring me. I jump so easily and then my heart races for about 10 minutes after it happens.

- The people on Facebook that post the long status about moving and then after you waste three minutes of your life reading their short novel, the last sentence claims that none of it is true.

- Any prank that involves making a mess. Eggs, deli meat, toilet paper in trees, forks in the lawn, no one wants to have to clean that stuff up.

Are you like me and hate pranks or are you the opposite and love them? Leave me a comment below!