Are you addicted to biting your nails ? It's no doubt a difficult task to stop, I get it.  Hate to burst your bubble but it's not really all that healthy.Maybe you're real nervous about something, maybe you're trying to stop smoking or possibly from overeating, regardless it's almost impossible to keep your fingers out of your mouth.

Your nails can be luscious when they grow out, hopefully these few tips can help you get that luster you deserve on those precious fingers called nails.

  • Holding off - when that hand of yours is hovering near your mouth try hard to hold off, you may forget you were about to bite all-together.
  • Bad Taste - Go out and buy some nasty tasting nail polish, your taste buds may hate you for it but your nails will love you for it.
  • Fakes - This is effective, get yourself some of those shimmering acrylic nails and place them on your brittle ones, should make a difference. (Huffington Post)

The attached video provides a homeopathic method, such as; cherry plum extract that you take orally, check it out and next time I see you, your hands and nails will be photogenic.