We have all been there. That bad relationship that we stayed in for way too long, trying to convince ourselves that "he will change," or "it's just a rough patch". Next thing you know, a year of your life is gone and you spent it being miserable.

A website called CheatSheet.com put together a list of why we settle for less than what we deserve and stay in these relationships.

1. You feel pressured to settle down. That might be pressure from parents or because all your friends are getting married, but settling for the wrong person will only make your life worse.

2. You decide you don't have it that bad compared to other couples. Your best friend might be in a bad relationship too, but you can't use her terrible relationship to justify your bad one. You both should just be single.

3. You don't want to be alone. You'll be happier in a relationship if you learn to love yourself first. I speak from first hand experience on this one.

4. You've invested too much time and energy, and don't want to start over with someone new. It is so worth it to start over. Think of all the free meals you'll get from going on dates!

5. You don't think you can do any better. Trust me. You can.

Don't stay in a bad relationship. You are better than that and deserve someone as hot and hilarious as Ryan Reynolds. If you need relationship advice, send me your issues for Dear Abbey!