Sometimes men can be the sweetest most sensitive loving men you'd ever want to meet. Then they turn around and do this stuff. Here's my question: Why? Fortunately, I found the answer. 

There's a lot of stuff men do that women hate, but here are just a few.

I Don't Care

Those are the three little words we hate. If we didn't want your opinion, we wouldn't ask. I know that there are some questions men just don't want to answer, but women really hate, "I don't care." Men apparently say "I don't care" when women ask which shoes go with what because they really don't know the answer, so they give a non answer rather than giving the wrong answer. If your man does this all the time with everything, just ask him to be more assertive. Pretend you're letting him wear the pants and tell him to pick. If you're both really torn about it, just do what I do and play eenie meenie miney mo. Works every time.

He's Quiet After Work

You both get to sit down and chat over the dinner table, but he's just quiet and doesn't want to talk. Something may have happened at work that he really doesn't want to talk about, so don't pry, but if nothing seems to be wrong, it may be because he has a hard time going back and forth between work mode and relax mode. If this is the case, a simple change of clothing can do the trick. When both Glen and I get home from work, the first thing we do is change into our "play clothes" because we both dress up for work and gets us into lumpy hang out mode. If you have to get dinner on the table first thing when you go home, change at work.

He Waits to Get Ready

UGH! You're done getting ready and are finishing up with the kids and he hasn't even started. They do this because they know that it takes us a little while longer to get ready so they just sit on the couch and wait it out as long as possible. There are a few ways to get him moving. One is to tell him the event starts 15 minutes before it actually does. This worked for Glen the last time we went out. He was under the impression that the play started at seven, but it really started at 7:30 so he was actually hurrying me along and we got to our seats early enough that we had time to get a beverage before the show started. Another way is to tell him you'll be ready in ten minutes. It's really more like 20, but at least he'll think it's his turn for the bathroom. You can also just compliment him on his look the last time you guys got dressed up, so he'll maybe take a few extra minutes to clean up.

What annoys you the most about your man?