Why am I so sad?  I should be happy, shouldn't I?  I have such mixed emotions, when it comes to my daughter, Makenzie graduating from high school.  She had a very rough freshman and sophomore year, but in the end, got her grades together, and made me one proud dad.  Seeing her walk across that stage Sunday afternoon to receive her high school diploma, filled me with both pride and a ton of tears lol.

I'm sure there's other parents who worry just as much as I do.  Will she be OK?  Will she go to college?  Will she do the right things?  I could go on and on.  I know a lot of sleepless nights await me.  I'm going to try to enjoy the moment, and not worry about things that are out of my control.  She's eighteen, and an adult now.  Feels so weird writing that.  Wow, time truly does fly.  It wasn't always easy, but we got there.

Here's the videos from her graduation ceremony.  Watch what the seniors do at the end, needless to say, the principal wasn't thrilled.  Cheers to the #CLASSOF2014

Chad Taylor