Unfortunately, as parents know, there's no instruction manual for raising kids. It's a tough job and some say raising teenagers is even tougher. Fortunately, there's a book for raising teenagers and you'll never believe who wrote it. 

Two teenagers in London wrote a guide for parents raising teenagers. Seventeen year olds Megan Lovegrove and Louise Bedwell talked to 100 teenagers and asked about their experiences. They took what they learned and wrote it all down in a new book called, Teenagers Explained. It's a manual for parents written by teenagers.

In the book, they explain topics such as sex, drugs, chores and social networking and Megan's mom said that it was an interesting read and that there are a lot of issues that kids of today have to deal with that their parents have no idea about because they never had to deal with them when they were growing up. She believes that the book is essential reading for all parents of children in their teens or approaching their teens.

Some advice from the book says that parents shouldn't worry about their appearance because that could run off on their kids and lead to body issues. Also, don't ban your children from social networking sites because they'll sign up anyway behind your back and that leads to trust issues. Just make sure they're aware of their own personal safety. "Scare tactics" can work to keep your kids away from drugs, especially if you tell your girls how using drugs can ruin your hair and skin.

If you're a parent of teenagers or kids approaching their teens, would you buy this book or just rely on your own parental instincts to keep your children away from the dangers that they face?