Our studio line has been blowing up for the song "Pompeii" for the past several weeks.  We did our research and found that the band "Bastille" is from the U.K. and got their name from an event celebrated on July 14th called Bastille Day (which also happens to be singer-songwriter Dan Smith's birthday).  The guys have been at it for a few years across the pond and recently topped the U.K. charts with their debut album "Bad Blood" earlier this year.

The new single "Pompeii" is a monster hit in the U.K. as well taking the top spot on the charts back in February but recently started heating up both the Hot AC and AAA charts here in the states.  The groups debut album was released stateside in September on iTunes and their new album "All This Bad Blood" is expected January 14th 2014.  Follow Dan, Kyle, Chris and Will on Twitter and watch for a U.S. tour in 2014.