I was very familiar with the song 'Skinny Love' because Grammy Award-winner Bon Iver did it so brilliantly a few years back. I heard this beautifully haunting female voice do her take on it, and I just had find out more about her.  The woman in question is seventeen-year-old Jasmine van den Bogaerde aka 'Birdy', who hails from U.K.  She won a U.K. talent show back when she was 12-years-old and hasn't looked back since.

Birdy released her debut album back in 2011, and has managed to chart all over Europe, including six-times-platinum alone in Australia.  Her latest studio album 'Fire Within' was released last November, and Skinny Love is currently moving up the U.S. charts very quickly, which is weird because it was originally released in January 2011.