Never underestimate how much someone will spend to own something from a celebrity. Earlier this week a Music and Sports Memorabilia Auction took place and drew in some big money from collectors.

Would it be cool to own a one-of-a-kind item that a huge celebrity once had, sure. I would personally love the ruby red slippers from The Wizard of Oz, or even Marilyn Monroe's famous white dress that had the skirt blowing up. Do I have the money to afford either, nope. These collectors sure do though!

Michael Jackson's handwritten lyrics for "Billie Jean" sold for $40,625. If you think that is a bunch of cash to spend, someone bought Michael's 1984 Video Music Award for $50,000!! Even a pair of black loafers that Michael signed sold for $18,750.

Madonna memorabilia include a negligee worn during her Blond Ambition tour sold for $34,375, and an undergarment she worn on stage sold for $13,750. Not to say the new owners of these items should spend their money wiser, but imagine the nasty smell from her wearing it onstage during a tour where she is dancing around all night.

Elvis Presley drew in some money too! His motorcycle jacket and pants sold for $41,600. His star ruby and diamond ring sold for $21,250, and a necklace with his initials sold for #31,250.

Can't forget about Whitney Houston! A dress that she wore to the Grammy's was purchased for $20,480 and a jumpsuit she performed in sold for $10,240. Lady Gaga and Amy Whinehouse had items at the auction as well. The robe Amy wore in her "Rehab" video and the outfit GaGa wore in "Vogue" both sold for $34,375.

As high as these items went for, I would much rather have a guitar pick thrown out at a concert, that my friends comes with a story only you can share. But hey, like I say, to each their own.

If money wasn't a factor, would you like to own something from a celebrity? If so, what would you like to have in your home that you can say "so-and-so" used to own this?

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