As the world is reacting to the news of Whitney Houston's death over the weekend, I wanted to share my thoughts on her passing.

There are so many people reflecting on the life of Whitney, and there are some that are angered by what people are remembering her for, the voice that brought her so much support. It's sad when someone with such a great talent as hers "throws it away" for drugs. I truly wished to see an amazing comeback from Whitey, but sadly we will never see it happen. The negativity surrounding such a talented individual saddens me. Yes, Whitney did have some struggles in her life that brought her bad press. While we don't know the the cause of her death yet, it's possible Whitney suffered a heart attack caused by an adverse reaction to her medication, but it is simply too early to make an official call on the cause of death. All the drugs found in her hotel room were prescriptions. Among the pills; ibuprofen (painkiller), Xanax (anti-depressant), Midol (for menstrual cramps), amoxicillin (for treating bacterial infections) and more.

I don't want to remember Whitney for the mistakes she's made. She's human and no one is perfect. I want to remember her for the beautiful voice she graced this world with for the past 30 years. I've seen many comments this weekend on how the world will now idolize Whitey and forget the bad, and this angers them! I would hope we be able to not remember her for the bad things. Look at how many musical artists have been inspired by Whitney!

When I die, I want people to remember me by the good things I have done, not for my mistakes. Many stars have left us too early due to drugs and alcohol. I would like to think others will have an eye opening experience and realize there are so many people rooting for their comeback and not to see them fall. I believe in second chances. If you know someone or are struggling to get clean; be their support, the rock, and the one to help them see that they can come back and get their life on track. Let's not judge others for decisions we would not make in our own life but help them in the recovery process. Here is a list of Addiction Specialist in the St. Cloud metro.

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