Dear Friend,

After eight years of dating, Prince William and Kate Middleton are engaged!  He proposed with his late mother's wedding ring.

The Palace says Will and Kate will be hands on in their approach to the planning. Very different than the way my ex approached it. "Just pick what you want and I'm sure it will be fine. Trust me. You don't want me helping you."

I remember the excitement when I got engaged seven years ago. There we were standing in one of our favorite spots on Earth. It was the same place we went on our first trip away together. I knew it was coming, I just didn't know when and I swore that whatever he said and where ever he said it, I would say yes. Four years later - The waves were crashing, the weather was beautiful and we were alone. It was just perfect. He wasn't the most romantic guy on the planet, but it was very sweet and I was so happy to say yes. One year after the proposal, he left me sitting on my porch with a packed suitcase and a broken heart.

Best of luck to Will and Kate.

Take care,