A new survey asked people which of the past six decades had the worst interior design and decor styles. Here are the rankings from the survey.

1. The 70s: 43% say it's the worst, thanks to pea green furniture and mirrors on the ceiling.

2. The 80s: 16% say it's the worst, because of neon and the random use of zig-zag designs.

3. The 60s: 12% hate it, because of shag carpeting and way too much of the color brown.

4. The 2000s: 6%, because of sterile white and gray colors and stainless steel everywhere.

5. The 50s: 6%, because of the linoleum and vinyl.

6. The 90s: 3% say it's the worst because of the splatter paint and teal.

14% of people surveyed picked none of the above.

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