I have a small hobby farm and 28 chickens. Over the New Year weekend, they laid their first egg. So, like any other modern farmer would do, I posted a picture of said egg to facebook. Facebook friends wanted to know, which chicken laid the egg?

Ummm, good question. I was wondering the same thing myself. I'd like to know who she is but I don’t know how you figure that out without living in the coop. My two-year-old daughter might be willing, but me...not so much.

“Don't the chickens sit on the eggs?” friends asked.  “The chicken that laid the egg would be sitting on it, yes?  Or is that just in cartoons?”

Well, here's the situation with the chickens; I have 24 hens and 4 nesting boxes. I didn't know this would be the case, but all the hens always want to be in the boxes. So, I have about six hens crammed into each box and no way to tell who laid the egg if I don't see it happen. And, when I went out there, no one was laying on the egg. They were just looking at it like "where the heck did THAT come from?"

One of the many wonderful mysteries of nature, I guess.