It's national 'Bus Driver' day--and in honor of the holiday we're breaking down the politics of the school bus. Where you sit on the bus says a lot about your personality whether you realize it or not.

Front--You probably slept with a safety blanket until a very old age. You might have had labels in your underwear and you definitely would never have dared to venture to the back of the bus (unless is what bus safety week). It's not your fault. You had super over protective parents. You're really just an old soul and should be proud of it. You're probably really good friends with the bus driver and look forward to your ride to school everyday. Chances are you have a very formal name that you go by--"It's Charles, not Charlie!"

Middle front--You're a goodie-good in denial. You like to think you're not a teacher's pet, but you totally are. You sit in the front of the classroom and arrive everywhere early. You even turn your homework in early. You're always wide awake and ready for whatever life throws at you. You'd like to think you're a risk taker, which is why you're sitting dangerously close to the middle. It's a slippery slope--but, you know that. You use phrases like, "that's stupid and dumb" when you're being rebellious.

Middle--This is where all of the normal kids sit. They are just trying to get to school with as little drama as possible. They want to be able to sneak in a few extra minutes of sleep without being bothered. After all they were up late the night before getting their homework and projects done like good students. The middle section was always a good place to be.

Middle back--This is where the "cool kids" sit. They are risk takers but they also realize their limits. They still fear being grounded and what their parents will think of them even though they'll never admit to it. They were usually the kids that would do last minute homework on the bus but still wanted to be cool. They sat close enough to the middle section so they'd get homework help, but also close enough to the back to keep their edgy side in tact.

Back--You know how they say, "nothing good happens after Midnight?" Well, that same theory applies to the school bus. Nothing good ever happens in the back of the school bus. This is where the "bad kids" usually hang out. They are the kids that don't have their homework done and maybe even sneak chew. At least, that happened when I was in school. Don't think you're being sneaky, the bus driver knows what's up.

Where did/do you sit on the school bus? Let's take a moment to appreciate bus drivers everywhere today for having to put up with all of our crazy personalities!