It's a question that every parent goes through every Christmas season. "Where's the best place to hide the presents?" Here are your answers. 

My parents probably had the least creative spot to put the presents come Christmastime, but then again, I never went snooping because I like being surprised. If you have nosy little ones, here are a few creative ways to keep the presents hidden from prying little eyes.

The attic is a dark and scary place for kids. There are monsters up there! Plus, it may be difficult for them to even get up there. When you do get up there to hide the presents, make sure to wrap everything in big black garbage bags to keep the dust off. Black garbage bags also make the gifts look like old stuff that they likely don't care about.

The underwear drawer is a good place to keep smaller presents because kids (especially boys) don't want to look at Mom's panties or Dad's briefs.

Suitcases are wonderful hiding places. Kids and adults would never suspect that anything is in there. You can put a lot of the bags to use. The big huge ones that you sit on when you go away for two weeks, right down to your carry on they all make great hiding places. Of course, this only works if you're not traveling for the holidays.

Under the bed seems like a not so great place when you think of them playing with toys and them rolling away, or searching for the cat under beds and chairs, so this one works, but you need to be crafty. Put old clothes under the bed as decoys around the edge so the kids will just think that you put clothes to donate under there.

Do you have any creative places to hide the presents?