I know a few germophobes in my life and while I understand not wanting to get sick, sometimes it's a little overboard, but now that cold and flu season is here, there are some times when it's OK to be a germophobe.

I was always taught that sharing is good, but sometimes you have to be selfish for the greater good and for your health.


"Soap is soap. It's self cleaning." Chandler Bing uttered that famous line is season two of Friends, but bar soap is not self cleaning. Bar soap doesn't usually dry all the way in between uses, so you're more likely to get an infection from whatever bacteria and germs are still living on the soap. Instead, experts recommend using liquid hand soap or body wash if you're going to be in a sharing situation.

Nail Clippers

I never thought of this one before. They're just nail clippers, but nail clippers, if not properly sanitized can be covered in germs or bacteria. If you have a hang nail or any small cuts on your hands, that can allow bacteria and fungus into your bloodstream. Going to a salon or spa that doesn't properly clean their wells and tools can lead to staph infections or Hepatits C. Also watch out for sharing nail files, cuticle nippers and buffers.


You're at the gym with your best friend. She forgot her antiperspirant, so you toss yours over to her. After all, you are best friends, but sharing deodorant or antiperspirant is not a wise idea. Dermatologist Neal Schultz says that germs, bacteria, fungus and yeast can be transferred person to person when you share deodorant. You can also transfer skin cells and hair. There's no huge risk for infection there. It's just yucky to think about.


The CDC says that we should never, ever share anything that could possibly transfer blood. Since shaving can cause nicks in the skin, it's a good idea to keep your razor to yourself.