We read things all the time about what our favorite ice cream flavor says about us, our favorite color, and so on. Well, now we can finally know what our favorite artist or band says about us.

There's a new website called Stereotype.fm, which reveals some very strange connections between music taste, habits, and personality types. The site was put together by the people at Tastebuds.fm  and was compiled using survey answers collected from over 100,000 users.

Here's some of the  highlights:

Elton John fans are the "most likely to have a tattoo."

Kelly Clarkson fans are the "most likely to have multiple tattoos."

John Mayer fans are the "most likely to CLAIM they have broken someone's heart."

One Direction fans are the "most likely to pee in a pool."  (88% said yes)

Katy Perry fans are the "least likely to kiss on the first date."  (19% said no)

Michael Buble fans are the "most likely to be afraid of spiders."

I must be a huge fan of him because I HATE SPIDERS!!! You can play around with this yourself at Stereotype.fm. Just type in any artist's name and they'll pull up some categories where that artist ranks in the Top Five. It's pretty amusing.

If you know me, I typed in Maroon 5 as my favorite artist and nothing really came up. They didn't make the top 5 in any category that was mentioned, which doesn't surprise me because I'm an oddball and can't be pinned to one specific thing either.

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