You may have heard that first impressions are important.  According to a study done by a Princeton University Psychologist, first impressions are VERY important.  The study found that a person makes up their mind within miliseconds whether you are trusworthy, threatening, lazy, likeable and many other traits.

We do have the ability to altar the way people perceive us, by being aware of our body language. Are you wanting to ask for a raise?  Are you wanting to apply for a new job? Here are some ideas to keep in mind, that just might lead to the impression you're wanting to give someone.


Need we say more?  Really?  If you are trying to make a good impression, the last thing you want to do, is look away when the person you are trying to impress is trying to explain something to you.  Before you approach people that you are trying to impress, whether it be your wife, children, boss, or future employee, give people your time and attention.  Turn the volume down on your phone, and excuse yourself at an appropriate time to take a call or text someone else.


Leaning Wayyyyy back in your chair at work, can make you look very lazy.  It can also make you look arrogant at times.  If you're trying to impress, stay alert and have good posture.


I always do this.   In my interviews with people, I want them to know that I'm listening, and sometimes I feel that without responding, They'll feel uncomfortable. But the opposite is true. It's best to Nod once, if you've found something that you've agreed upon mutually, but after that, it's better to listen intently, and keep the bobblehead thing to yourself.


If you don't ever smile at anyone, then people will get the feeling that you really don't want to be there. Try a genuine smile especially when you meet someone new.


Crossing your arms makes you seem nervous, and defensive.  It's better to just be natural.  Try to keep your arms at your sides.


Looking up everytime someone asks you a question makes you look like you're searching for any answer that comes to mind....just like you're going to see the right thing floating by if you look long enough.  Try to keep eye contact, without staring. No need to fear.  They are no different than you.

Take these tips and learn to relax and try to be pleasant.  Sometimes we don't realize that the image we are sending out to people, may not be the way we feel on the inside at all.  Next time you're in front of a store window, take a peak at your reflection, and start paying attention to your actions.  It could just be that with a few small changes to your body language, things may really start turning your way.

Watch this video for more on body language: