Lets face it, us "regular" folk can be red carpet ready like the best of them, but do we really want to take the time do look like that all the time? No thanks! Pass me the sweat pants and ponytail holder!

If you are having a bad self image day, take a deep breath and realize that you are awesome! Don't look at celebrities on the red carpet and wish you could look like them, it takes hours of work to look like that! They have personal trainers, chefs, stylists, hair and makeup, and you name it!

Maybe you need a make-over and the celebrities need a make-under. That's what Britain's Sun Tabloid did. They gave them a make-under.They basically cropped their head on everyday looking people. Maybe a little more 80s style than 2013 style, but it will still give you a good laugh!

To see how stars would look like if they never got famous, click here.

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