If you have an office dress code, what to wear during the warm summer months may pose a challenge. Here are five guidelines to help you stay within the dress code while still keeping cool. 

I get up in the pre-dawn hours every day, so I always check the forecast before I lay out my clothes out at night. Highs in the 70's are no problem. It's when it gets into the 80's and 90's with a tropical dew point that messes me up. Here are five ways to look (and stay) cool when the temperature soars. (From theworkbuzz.com) :

1. Don't Wear Flip Flops - I've already broken this rule. Flip flops are way too casual for most office settings, and not only that, they're annoying. Just ask any of my office mates. Instead, try a strappy gladiator sandal, peep toes or ballet flats and keep the flip flops in the car.

2. Don't Wear Black - Dark colors absorb the sun, so you'll just make sweating worse and show up to work smelling like you haven't showered. You should, however, wear lighter colors that reflect the sun, but don't wear too light of a color or it could turn into an accidental peep show. See #3.

3. Don't Show Too Much - Wearing lighter colors during the warm weather makes sense, but you don't want to give away the farm. Try wearing an under shirt beneath your blouse. I know, I know. You're probably like, "Ummm...why are you telling me to wear more layers?" Here's why. That under shirt will absorb sweat and save you unsightly sweat stains on your favorite blouse. A lot of lingerie companies make lightweight camisoles with a lacy neckline that look pretty peeking out from underneath a jacket or dress shirt.

4. Don't Wear Pantsuits - Hillary Clinton loves her pant suits and I can see why. I feel really powerful when I wear one. But sometimes, you just have to leave those hanging in the closet. Opt for a dress in a fun color. A wrap dress, a sheath dress, or a shift dress are all great in the summer. If you need an inspiration, turn to Michelle Obama.

5. Don't Leave Home Without - A lightweight cardigan or blazer. They're great if the A/C gets kicked into overdrive at work. You can also throw it on in case of a last minute meeting with clients or a boss. They're also fantastic for a business lunch or dinner.

Hope that helps and happy summer!!