Mothers Day is Sunday, May 12th, but it's never to early to think about what to get Mom! In fact, Jay and I already bought gifts for both of our Mom's. I hope they don't read this, but they're both getting gift cards.

Some say that's too impersonal, but I say it's just fine to give a gift card. Why? Because the number one gift on my own list for birthdays and Christmas---gift cards.  I LOVE them! To me, it's so much better than "stuff" that you may or may not need. But if you insist on getting Mom something more personal, there are always great ideas.

Flowers and plants. Just make sure they're pretty and the kind Mom loves the most!

Pictures of the grandkids on something unique. A mug, calendar, t-shirt. She will love it because the kids are on it.

Jewelry. Make sure it's something she will wear. But not a bad idea.

If cash is short this year, put together a picnic for Mom and spend some quality time with her. Offer to help her do a little spring cleaning. Breakfast in bed! There are plenty of ways to make Mom happy without spending any money. Just don't disappoint her. After all, she's your Mom!