Not into football? Hubby having a big party and you don't want to hang out with his belching work buddies? No problem. Grab the kids and head for these "football free" zones. 

Go see a movie. The Academy Awards are coming up soon and most of the nominees are in the theater. Why not treat yourself to a movie and some chocolate? Or treat yourself to pizza and a drink at the Parkwood. Zaffiro's is right there so you won't have to make two stops. It will be $10 well spent. Trust me.

Go play outside. The sledding hills, skating ponds and ski slopes should be relatively deserted. According to Liftopia, in 2011, purchases for lift tickets on Super Bowl Sunday saved about 40 percent on their ski day versus 32 percent for other days of the week. The offers of course vary by location, but still what a way to get away from the TV and spend some time with the kids.

Go out to eat at a non sports bar type restaurant. According to Open Table, most seats at "normal" restaurants that don't have bars attached only fill about half of their seats on Sundays. It's actually one of the least busy evenings for sit down restaurants, so if you've been wanting to try a place, but it always seems too busy, go there and give it a shot this Sunday, but just make sure they aren't showing the game or you may be putting up with the crowd.

By the way, real estate company Century 21 surveyed about three thousand people about their Super Bowl watching habits and the survey says that most of us who will be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday will be doing so from the comfort of their own home. 88 percent of people think that your very own couch is the best place to watch the game. It's also apparently pretty important to have a television that's a good size and proper resolution. Of course, that's debatable. I had a 19 inch TV and the game looked just fine, but a bigger TV with better resolution does make it look snappy. Of course with all of this technology comes instant replay and DVR and 26 percent of men surveyed say that being able to control instant replay was one of the main reasons they love watching the game at home. It also is really all about the football and commercials. Only six percent of people said they planned to chat with their friends via social media about everything else.