If you've been budgeting for bigger ticket items but wanted to wait until they were on sale, there are several things you should be buying this month. 

Last month, a buying guide came out for mostly school supplies, computers and leftover summer items. This month it's more home centered.

Furniture stores are trying to unload their mattresses to make room for the new 2013 inventory, so if you're in need of a mattress for your room, the guest room or your child's room, September is the month to do it. Most of the sales seemed to start right around the Labor Day weekend, and they're likely to continue right on through the end of the month.

If you need to travel for the holidays, right now is the best time to book your flight. Travel experts say that Tuesday afternoon after 2pm Central is the best time to book. Why Tuesday afternoons? Airlines start fare sales late Monday. Other airlines will join in to stay competitive and the fare matching is still going on on Tuesday afternoons. There is also more good news for travelers. The rules have changed when it comes to ticket prices. The fares were great, until you went to book and found all of these taxes, fees and surcharges. Now the price you see is closer to the price you're actually going to pay.

September is the best time to buy a car. I know I sound like all of the car ads you hear, but if you were thinking you wanted to buy a new car before the end of 2012, buy a 2012 model now because like the furniture stores, dealers are looking to clear out the inventory for the new models. Same goes for appliances. Is your washer, dryer or refrigerator on the fritz? Pick up a 2012 model now so appliance stores can make room for the 2013 models.

Plants for your back yard are on sale now for big discounts. The colder weather is coming, but you can buy plants for next year now. Many sellers want to make room for the holiday plants so they're looking to get rid of the spring, summer and fall blooming plants. You can plant things like peonies now, or over winter smaller plants in your house. All you have to do is hang it by a window so it gets the sunshine it needs and water it so you'll have beautiful plants for spring at a discount. Patio furniture and grills are also on sale right now, plus it's a great time to stock up on wine as most grapes are harvested in late summer and early fall. Hey! With a new grill, a few bottles of wine and new patio furniture you could have a party.

Lawn mowers are also on sale because grass cutting season is winding down and stores are looking to unload the 2012 models to make room for the new inventory. You also may want to think about picking up a snow shovel or snow thrower. Especially around here. If you wait too long, you're going to be out of luck when the snow flies.

What are you looking to buy?