The new fall TV season is here! What shows are we (and are we not) watching?

There is a lot of TV to be watched. Thankfully, I am here to help you. There are a few things that surprised me and there were some that weren't as surprising.

The number one show in the last week period was Sunday Night Football on NBC. More than 21 million people tuned in to watch the Detroit Lions duke it out with the San Francisco 49ers. Number two was the Sunday Night Football Kickoff Show and a rerun of 60 Minutes came in at number three, beating out the season premiere of The Voice. Football Night in America, the Tuesday episode of The Voice, the second to the last episode of America's Got Talent, Monday Night Football, Wednesday's episode of The Voice and the season finale of America's Got Talent rounded out the top ten, which by the way was the lowest rated season finale of AGT ever. Notice they were all reality shows?

Some of the other season premieres do?

My favorite season premiere of the fall 2012 TV shows is the new Matthew Perry show, Go On. It was the most watched scripted program of the week and raked in 9.7 million viewers. Matthew Perry stars at Ryan King, a sports talk radio show host whose wife dies and he's sent to group therapy. It's sarcastic, funny and warm. It's exactly what you'd expect from Matthew. I really really enjoy it. NBC ordered a whole season of the show this past spring. Go On airs Tuesday nights.

The series premiere of The New Normal took in 7 million viewers. The show is about a single mother who agrees to be a surrogate mother for a gay couple. I get the story and I understand why they're airing it, especially after ABC is having such success with Modern Family, but I hate this show. I love Modern Family, but I would rather gouge my ear drums out than listen to Ellen Barkin hurl racial and anti-gay slurs. It's clear that they were going to offend as many people as possible with this show and Ellen didn't make any friends earlier this year when she was wishing death upon others. On Twitter, Ellen said she wishes that Hurricane Isaac "kills every pro-life-xenophobic, gay-basing SOB at the Republican National Convention" earlier this year. I wish death upon The New Normal.

Fox's Glee had its fourth season premiere and it didn't too bad. An average of 7.4 million viewers tuned in. The third season premiere of the bootlegger gangster drama Boardwalk Empire also did pretty well with 2.9 million viewers, which is pretty good considering it airs on HBO on Sunday night and not everyone has HBO. This show is excellent. I discovered it thanks to some friends who watch it and love it so I decided to get it on Netflix and it's addicting. My advice to you is to get it on Netflix and watch the first two seasons and then STAY AWAY FROM THE INTERNET on Mondays.

What shows are you loving?