One of the most difficult gifts to find is one for Glen. I don't want to just buy him another dress shirt or sweater. He has plenty of both, so I started Google-ing around and found some cool gift ideas for guys. 

A lot of men don't like to spend money on themselves. They like to spend money on you or the kids which is never a bad thing, but if he wears a belt, a tie or a watch every day, buy him an upgrade. Kenneth Cole, Perry Ellis and Calvin Klein all make nice belts from high quality leather and they're all quite sturdy. When you're looking for a belt for your man, check his pant size first. If he wears a 38 inch waist, buy a 40 or 42 inch belt. The buckles also come in different kinds of metals, so if you know he likes silver, gold or brushed nickel, look for a belt with that kind of metal for the buckle. If he wears a tie tack or cuff links, also try and stay within that color family. Every time he puts on (or takes off) his pants, he'll think of you.

Something from his college years will go a long way. There are a lot of great stores that sell that kind of stuff and don't forget the magic of the Internet. An old school football, throwback jersey, or pennant from his Alma matter would be a great addition to the man cave. If there's a specific car you know he likes, find a model of it and buy a nice case for it. Sure, you'll have to dust it, but he'll love it.

Glen is a History buff and loves music, so a couple of years ago I bought books about the history of some of his favorite bands. The books were full of memorabilia and inside stories. If your man loves a certain Historical period, Time Life has a lot of books and DVD series about the Great Depression, World War II, Vietnam and more.

Maybe he doesn't need any more "stuff". Instead, give him an experience. Does he love the Vikings but hasn't been to a game in a while? Get him two tickets, but get good seats. Toss in a Vikings hooded sweatshirt or hat to complete the package. If you remember him saying something about wanting to try cooking or racecar driving, some restaurants offer cooking classes and Brainerd International Raceway has a performance driving school. The gift of an experience is something he's not likely to forget any time soon.