Starting a new job and aren't sure what to wear to work? A new survey done by the Daily Mail says the days of the suit may have fallen by the wayside.

They asked a thousand workers what they wore to work every day and only one in ten say they wear a suit to work. Two thirds say they wear jeans to work, over a third say that they are a part of their weekly wardrobe and half say they rarely wear a suit ever.

Jeans in the work place are a growing trend, but 70 percent think wearing scruffy jeans could hinder your career. Ripped and colored jeans are also considered no-nos, even for today's modern workers. Respondents also thought that senior management should dress better than employees with 61 percent saying the big boss shouldn't wear jeans to the office ever.

So, what is the dress code for where you work? What does business casual mean these days? Do you try and dress better than your boss and if your boss wears jeans to work, do you automatically assume you can too?

I have worked in radio for 15 years and I have witnessed every different style of dress, hair style and hair color. Even when I was interviewing here, I was told it was OK to come to work in my jammies if I was running late, provided I went home to change after the morning show was over. I have also worked in mortgage and investments and that's a whole different ball game. Business suits or modest dresses that fall below the knee were the only types of clothes we were allowed to wear. Bare legs were not allowed and it was a steadfast rule that we were not allowed to wear jeans. Ever. And I can see why. We're dealing with millions and sometimes billions of dollars. No one is going to trust someone in a business deal if they're wearing ducky pants and a Packers hoodie, but now jeans and t-shirts are becoming the norm around a lot of work places, which begs the question; with the number of Internet and media-based upstarts in the last ten years or so, has the day of the suit truly fallen by the wayside?