Some evenings, I really struggle with what to wear to work the next day. Chad always praises me for what I am wearing as I like to dress a little nicer because when I look good, I do better but this is radio. I was told I could wear my jammies if I wanted to. I haven't taken advantage of it as much as I may have wanted to, but I try and dress a little nicer most of the time. Sometimes I run out of ideas, and Google around and this is what I found. Here are a few things not to wear to the office. 

Sloppy Denim

Your shredded jeans may be really comfortable, but they aren't appropriate to wear on casual Friday. Instead, try some denim trousers. Not all jeans have to be blue, either. Try some in black or dark grey. Higher waisted pants can hide your tummy and are far nicer than regular jeans. Try them with a nice jacket or a knit cardigan and a scarf.

Tunic as a Dress

It's far too short to wear with tights. I like how a tunic looks and they're body skimming. I like to wear tunics with leggings or slim cut jeans. Then there's no debate on if it's a shirt or a dress. A pair of ballet flats will compliment it nicely.

Chipped Nails

Hands always look better if nails are well groomed and that holds true for men and women. If your nails are craggedy or you break a nail at work, it's handy to have a fingernail file in your desk drawer. If you get a mani in a signature color all the time, try and find a polish in a color close to yours and keep that in your makeup bag or desk. If you don't get manicures, keep your nails buffed and filed.

Summer Casual Staples

Flip flops (OOPS! I wore these today!), too much cleavage, tube tops, exposed tummies, super short skirts and super short shorts are all no-nos. Instead go for basic blacks. Black is seasonless. If it's really warm, go for a knee length skirt in an airy fabric, a shift dress in a fun color (oranges and corals are really hot this season), ditch the scarf in favor of necklaces and accessories in natural materials like raffia, wood and leather.

Buff Pantyhose

Avoid wearing the blouse/jacket/skirt combo with buff pantyhose. Those are fine if you're wearing white shoes, but try and match your tights and hosiery to your shoes. Another great idea is to wear a shift dress with a jacket. It will punch up your outfit especially if you're heading out after work. Try and find fabrics that stretch a little bit, too. They're great for travel so if you have to go to a client meeting during the day or a power lunch, your dress won't be wrinkly and clingy.

Comfy Shoes

Comfortable shoes don't have to be dowdy. If you like to wear conservative shoes like loafers, they don't have to be blah. Instead, try a ballet flat. Flats with embellishments like a small bow or  metal hardware detail are all the rage lately. They can take you from workplace to watering hole to weekend no problem.

Schlumpy Shirts

T Shirts are just like jeans: Comfortable, universal, all American and accepted just about everywhere, but oversized shirts or logo tees are just not appropriate for an office setting. Instead, try a semi-fitted t shirt underneath a cute jacket. That way you can still be comfortable and within dress code.

Do you have a "go to" outfit for when you run out of ideas? Do you have someone you look to for style guidance? Want more? Click HERE.