If you're going out to dinner with your sweetie tonight, here are eight foods to avoid. 

Pasta and fajitas are probably not the best things to eat if you're trying to impress your date. Also, avoid chop sticks unless you're really good at using them. Here are some more ideas of things to stay away from.

1. Beans - The last thing you want to do is stink up the car ride home, or even worse.

2. Lobster or Crab - It is thoroughly unappealing to watch someone tear apart their dinner with their bare hands.

3. Spinach - It gets stuck in your teeth. It's also rich in Vitamin A. See number one.

4. Garlic - Unless you're expecting vampires, stay away from garlic.

5. Wings and Ribs - See number two.  It's also highly unsexy to have wing sauce/bbq sauce dripping down your chin, or in your hair or anyplace else that you touch.

6. A Huge Burger - Don't order something you can't fit your mouth around.

7. Soup - Slurping is annoying.

8. Anything Off A Dollar Menu - You really shouldn't have to be told this. At least splurge and order a value meal. Maybe even be nice and super size it just for today.