It's the holiday travel season and there's a good chance many of us may be taking to the friendly skies to see family for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I know a few people complain about not feeling well after flying and it turns out what you're eating beforehand that's making you feel like crap. 

The website compiled a list of some things you likely want to stay away from before and during your flight.

Fried Foods

At 35 thousand feet, your body operates differently than it does on the ground and it's really hard to keep away from the fried food and fast food, but it's important to skip the fast food pre-flight. Fast food is chock full of saturated fat; which is hard for your body to digest at ground level, so it stays in your system even longer in the air. It's just a recipe for gas and upset stomach, so experts say skip it. Instead, find leaner protein foods like grilled chicken or salmon. You'll stay fuller, longer and won't have hard to digest fats sitting in your system.


Beans, beans the magical fruit can make you even more gassy at 35 thousand feet. That's because beans and other legumes (alfalfa, peas, lentils etc.) have sugars and other compounds that our bodies can't digest and when your body can't digest something, it sits there and ferments until, well, you know. So, as it sits there, it causes gas and other problems.Yes, beans are loaded with protein, but shell fish is low in fat, high in protein and iron, just like beans, but without the odoriferous side effects.


Pop, soda, soda pop whatever you want to call it, stay away from it before flying. Same goes for beer. According to SmarterTraveler, the bubbles in the beverage are like tiny balloons that expand in your stomach when the air pressure changes after takeoff. Instead, drink water with some lemon. Dehydration can make you feel sleepy and caffeine just leeches water out of your system, so stay hydrated with lemon water. The air up there is also really dry and citrus fruits like lemon coat your throat to combat soreness.


A beer may be refreshing and that glass of wine may taste really good with your dinner, but alcohol dehydrates you and the effects alcohol has on us is accelerated because the air is thinner up in the air so you can really feel icky when you land. SmarterTraveler says that herbal teas are great for keeping you hydrated and if you're a nervous flier, peppermint tea has added stomach soothing benefits.


It's delicious and packed with vitamin C, which boosts your immune system and B6 which boosts energy and metabolism, but it has compounds in it that settle in your lungs, so you're literally breathing garlic stink on your seat mate, even if you do brush your teeth. It also seeps out of your pores, so skip the garlic laden pasta or garlic fries before you board. Instead, eat an orange or two. Oranges are full of vitamin C as well, so you can give your body an immune boost that way. Oranges also help with hydration, plus they're also delicious.

Is there anything you stay away from before flying?