I'm sure a lot of men think that they're the ideal man, but here are the qualities that GQ says the ideal man must posses. 

Apparently, there are nine characteristics that they have to have, four others that are nice to have, but they aren't deal breakers. Now, GQ Magazine didn't pull these out of thin air. They asked women what they thought the ideal man was like and here's what they came up with.

Honesty came in at the top of the list for must-haves and I agree. No one has ever gotten into trouble for telling the truth. If you're just honest and tell the truth and you do get into hot water, it won't be as bad as lying to cover up the truth and being found out. A bad situation is always made worse when that happens.

Kindness, intelligence and a good sense of humor were also on the list. Yes, yes and yes. I think a guy who isn't kind to others isn't the kind of guy I want to be around. The saying, "You can always tell the character of a man by the way he treats someone who can do nothing for him" is so true. Someone found out I did radio so he started asking me questions and when I explaining that I wasn't in the business at the point of our meeting, he was backing away from me because I think at that point he figured out I couldn't get him tickets to whatever concert he wanted to go to. Intelligence is another one that's huge and that one is a deal breaker for me. If he doesn't have reference points and context, it's hard to carry on a conversation. And that "sense of humor" thing isn't a lie. Someone who can make people laugh and do it nicely can go a long way. A sense of humor can also relieve tension in certain situations.

Being romantic and being a good listener are also huge in the eyes of women. Especially the listening part. We don't want you to just hear us. We want you to hear us. If we need to talk things over with you about a stressful situation or something that's bothering us and we ask for your opinion, we want you to listen to what we have to say and offer up advice, but sometimes we just need to complain about stuff. It's not necessarially anything you did specifically, we just need to bitch.

Some of the other characteristics were blue eyes, being multi-lingual, and no, being able to say "mas cervesa por fa vor" doesn't count. Eating meat was also on the list as a must have quality. It's not a deal breaker for me, but if we go somewhere and I order a steak, I don't want to be made to feel guilty about it. Yes, meat is murder, but it's tasty, tasty murder.

Some things that were listed as important but not as important as the other stuff. Driving a European car, a good job that requires him to wear a suit, being clean shaven and a college degree.

So guys, how many of these qualities do you posses?

Ladies, how accurate is this list?