I realized yesterday that there are certain things I own that I'm always having to replace. Yesterday, I was getting my hair done and noticed that the zipper on my purse was stuck. When I finally wiggled it loose, I realized that it was pretty much broken.

Normally, it wouldn't be the end of the world having to buy a new purse, but this is the third purse that I've had to replace since the start of the new year. For me, finding a purse that I like is a challenge. It has to be cute, comfortable on the shoulder and small--but still big enough to hold my billfold, sunglasses, keys, chap stick and mints.

If you're tired from just reading those requirements, imagine what it's like to actually shop for the perfect purse--It's draining. So, you can see how frustrating it was for me to realize that, yet again, I have to replace another purse. Plus, purses aren't cheap.

It's amazing to me that I had the same backpack all throughout high school. I carried what felt like 30-40 pounds of books with me for eight hours a day for four years. So, I don't understand how I keep ruining all of my purses.

I don't know anyone else who has this same problem, so maybe it's just me. I also can't keep a pair of sunglasses in good condition to save my life. With spring upon us,I'm starting to realize all of things that I need to replace before summer is here.