It's halfway through the work week, and we all need a little reminder of what foods we can eat to help us focus for the rest of the week.


Whole grains help you sustain mental focus way better than that can of pop does...skipping breakfast is NOT a good idea. Grab ya a piece of healthy whole wheat grained toast before heading out, instead of skipping breakfast.


It's about time I had another delicious spinach filled salad. I had a great strawberry walnut salad the other day, and I felt great for the whole next day. It's been too long.  If it helps, they say that leafy greens give you the focus of someone 5 years younger than what you eat those tasty greens!


No don't eat it....just chew it..but a study a few years ago found that people who chewed gum were more alert than people who did the same task without gum. and no...even if you DO swallow gum, it's a lie that it takes years to digest. It's just something you tell your kids..for some odd reason.


Although it can help people stay focused, the opposite effect can happen as well. Too much coffee and you'll be all over the place.  They say just anticipating the stimulating effect of coffee is enough. Researchers have found that people who drank decaf without knowing it reported being way more alert. Although it works better in women than in men.