It's hot and one of my favorite cool treats is ice cream. It just doesn't taste the same in January. So, when we indulge what flavor indulge in apparently says a lot about us. What's your favorite flavor?


This is the one I usually pick unless I can't decide. Then I get a twisty cone, but I digress. When you reach for the chocolate, it means you're a kid at heart. You have a tendency to get bored easily and don't have a filter, but at least you're honest. It also says you're creative, talented and enthusiastic.

Chocolate Chip

You, my friend, are all about the fun. You're competitive, laugh easily and generous. You're also classic and an extrovert. Mint chocolate chip lovers, however, are nothing like your chocolate chip loving friends. You're smart, but you're also quiet, have refined tastes and can be kind of stubborn, but double chocolate chunk eaters are just like your chocolate chip loving friends, but more to the extreme. You do what you want and don't care if other people object. Chocolate chip cookie dough choosers are very indulgent and love to party. You're just like the double chocolate chunk eaters and you do what you want, when you want to regardless of your work schedule, what other people say and what other people think. You'll try anything once. Or twice depending on how much alcohol was involved the first time.


You're young at heart and are thoughtful of others. You're traditional and aren't easily convinced to go into situations you're unfamiliar with. When you play, you play for keeps and are very committed, but it takes you a while to warm up to people because you can be shy.


Vanilla doesn't always mean boring. You can be daring and experimental, a risk taker and a goal setter. You're confident and don't follow trends, but you can also be a bit stubborn.


It's the combination of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, but that doesn't mean you're a combination of the three. It means you have trouble making decisions. I see no problem in having trouble picking between the three flavors because I'm a fan of all three, so scoop away.

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