I've worked out until I was sore and dog tired and done sit ups until I was blue in the face and still nothing. Well, turns out that yes, working out is beneficial, but there are some things that working out can't do. 

Sit Ups Don't Give You A Flat Stomach

Yes, it gives you more muscles in your core area, but you can't really burn fat in one specific area, or do what's known as "spot reduction" according to FitDay.com. Sit ups do help because they do burn calories, but the website says that doing cardio workouts burns way more fat than just doing full sit ups do and I just learned this: Fat is harder to get rid of in certain areas like your abdominal area, as well as your hips and thighs. Lovely. Of course, it depends on your genetics but when you do an actual workout, you burn fat everywhere.

Running Doesn't Give You Strong Legs

This one is true and false at the same time. Running does make your legs stronger but if you're a long distance runner, it can have the exact opposite effect. Runner's World says that strong legs require an entire strength plan because there are two separate muscle fibers. One is for strength and the other is for endurance. Sprinters have gigantic legs. Marathon runners tend to have smaller legs becuase their training is different.

Doing Squats Isn't Hard On Your Knees

Your knees may hurt afterward, but squats, as it turns out are one of the better exercises for your knees. There's no impact like with running and squats may help with knee pain after a while. Livestrong says that there are some other exercises that you can do that has the same effect is the leg press. It also reduces the risk of flaring up old injuries.

Women Shouldn't Lift Weights

A lot of women think that they shouldn't lift weights because then you'll look like those bulky bodybuilders, but that's not necessarily true. Those women spend all day every day at the gym. Most women don't have the right hormone balance to bulk up. A lot of us women do just cardio, but did you know that lifting weights can burn extra calories? A 35 year old woman who's 5' 7" tall and 170 pounds can burn 320 extra calories an hour? Lifting weights can also help prevent osteoporosis.