I try my hardest to save money--sometimes I'm successful and sometimes my bank account seems pretty empty and it's all my fault. I waste so much money on clothes, makeup and food I never eat.

My problem is that I read makeup reviews online, try the product and get addicted to it. I buy $40 foundation from Sephora when $8 foundation from Target would probably be just as good.

When I go to the grocery store, I have the best intentions. I always intend on cooking my own meals--so, I load up on veges, chicken and other healthy things. But, then when I get home I decide to go out to eat at Pac Wok or Quarks. By the time I get around to actually cooking the food that I bought it goes bad. I waste so much money on groceries that go uneaten.

It's my own fault and I could save so much money if I just saved it, cooked at home, re-purpose some outfits I already own and buy less expensive makeup. For the next month I'm going to try to cut back on some of these things just to see how much money I can save. This isn't going to be easy.

What do you waste your money on the most?