What did you eat for dinner? Chances are it didn't cost $650 and you didn't need a saw to cut it. Be thankful.

A teenager in Sweden decided to treat her family on New Year's Eve with a delicious lobster dinner, so she scraped together the $650 it cost for a ten pound lobster. She said that she loves seafood and everything about it and wanted to give her family a special treat for the holiday, hence the hefty price tag.

The lobster was boiled, the table set and when they sat down to feast, they realized they didn't have the tools necessary to crack open its thick shell. Instead of staring blankly at each other, the next day they decided to get a saw in order to get into it and proceeded to stuff themselves the next day.

The lobster, by the way was believed to be about 30 years old and measured more than three feet in length.