Even the word makes you NOT want to do them. Why don't we call them something else? Chores is such a taxing word. What chores do you hate the most? I always try to make special time for chores, and try to make it a game. I know right...I have to have fun.  If I can set a whole day aside to do my chores, I don't mind it. I love the smell of a clean house, however, there are some chores that take the cake.

  • Mopping-  My number one enemy. Scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom floors is something I dread. It hurts my knees, and seems like a never ending job.
  • Changing sheets-  I'm not an every day sheet changer. I change mine every weekend. The boys? I will wash their sheets when they will take them off there bed. If they don't, well?!
  • Cleaning windows.  I hate this. NO fun No fun No fun.
  • Mowing the lawn.  I'm so thankful that my father likes to do this. Every year I have to convince myself that it's good for me to get out there and mow. After mowing my yard with a pushmower for years in Kentucky, I'm done with mowing. We should be letting our yards grow anyway to avoid global warming. (true story).
  • Checking the oil. Why are car chores so taxing? I don't like checking the oil, checking tire pressure, cleaning out my car...I think cause it's dirty. REALLY dirty!


  • Dusting
  • Doing dishes
  • Vacuuming


So I have to 'pretend' to get my chores done. I have to be in a certain mind set, because I have to enjoy my time. I try to look at cleaning the house and car as my time away from my computer screens, my cell phone, and hopefully it's a great way to get some exercise.

Turn up the music, and start cleaning!