When we see famous celebrities buying lavish homes and going on vacations every month, we know they make the big bucks! They didn't always have the money tree in their backyard. They were barley getting by back in the day before they were famous!

Parade Magazine has a list of celebrities and what they did before they were famous including how much they made. You might be surprised at what some of today's top stars were doing!

Ryan Seacrest - When he got his start in radio back in 1995, a then 20-year-old Ryan made $10,800. Fast forward to 2012 and Ryan will make $15 Million. But look at how much he does! Guy never gets to sleep in!

Johnny Depp - Back in 1983 he made $13,500 selling pens over the phone as a 20-year-old and will make $50 Million this year. Selling pens over the phone to superstar movie man!

"Hunger Games" author Suzanne Collins - Made $31,300 in 1991 writing for Nickelodeon TV shows. Which isn't bad, but thanks to the success of "Hunger Games" she will make $10 Million this year.

Carrie Underwood - Made $15,980 as a waitress in Oklahoma when she was 20. Winning "American Idol" and many awards since then she will make $20 Million this year.

Jon Hamm - Made approximately $14,350 for much of the '90s as a waiter. Thanks to "Mad Men" he'll make $2.3 Million.

Granted now I feel poor, but just like everyone else, they had to start somewhere! I guess if you sell pens over the phone you could be the next million dollar actor/actress!

Care to share how much you made at your first job? I'll start it off! I washed dishes at the local restaurant for minimum wage and the wait staff would tip you at the end of the shift, but they never did!

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