Being from Minnesota, I'd like to think that I have some pretty thick skin when it comes to cold weather. This weekend it might heat up to 50 degrees--which is super warm and darn near tropical in my opinion. Minnesota definitely changes form when we've got these kind of weather predictions in the forecast.

1. Minnesotans will leave their coats at home no matter how windy it might be outside. The temperature gauge says it's 50 degrees which means that if you're a tough Minnesotan, you might even be able to pull off shorts. There's no need for a jacket.

2. A Minnesotan might even turn the heat off in their house. Some of us keep the heat set at 50 degrees anyway...It actually might be warmer outside than it will be inside!

3. A true Minnesotan might also dare to open their windows and let the cool breeze in. If you're from Minnesota you'd think you were letting in warm air.

4. You might see some brave souls pull out their shorts -- just so they can say they pulled off shorts in February. It's a bragging rights thing that Californians and Floridians wouldn't understand. It makes us look pretty fierce to the rest of the country. Don't mess with us.

5. Car wash places will be full. Every Minnesotan that has been putting off getting that wash will be in line this weekend trying to rinse off the winter from their vehicles. It's safe to say that if you're thinking about doing this, you may as well pack a small lunch, roll down the windows and get ready to wait forever in line.

6. If you drive through a Minnesota neighborhood this weekend, you'll probably be able to smell meat cooking on a grill somewhere. That's just what we do here when temps reach 50.

7. You'll see dogs and babies EVERYWHERE this weekend. Everyone and their grandmother will be out for a walk. It'll probably be the first time our skin has seen sun in months too.

8. You're going to feel like you forgot to do something all day long. It's not that you forgot anything, it's that your body is adjusting to life without layers and layers of winter gear.

9. Home Depot and Menards will be flooded with people trying to buy seeds for gardening. It's nearly time to start planting seeds inside of the house so they're ready come springtime.

10. Forget the land of ten-thousand lakes...Minnesota turns into one giant lake. Mud puddles will be totally unavoidable for the foreseeable future. It's best not to wear new shoes outdoors for a few weeks.

This is the time of year that we've all been waiting for! So open your windows, hang up your jackets and go hog wild, Minnesota! We totally deserve this! :)