"It's a long way to top if you want to Rock-N-Roll" (AC/DC), and a long way from the Mickey Mouse Club but Britney Spears did it.

Once at the top and then fell to earth, she has managed to bounce back with a new album and The X Factor.

Superstardom can take it toll on anyone when they start at such an early age, but through thick and thin Britney found a way.

2008 Britney fell in the hands of hospital care and the guardianship of her father. Now back on top with her newest album titled,"Femme Fatale" which has hit Number 1 on the charts.

Today Britney has a new take on life and is engaged to marry former agent Jason Trawick and throw in the motherhood thing hopefully she will be just fine.

The X Factor is paying the once Queen of Pop  $15 Million to be a judge on that show.

It's amazing what choreography can do to a show,  the very sexy Britney Spears shows her stuff in concert in Las Vegas with the Femme Fatale Tour.