A survey was taken of people visiting America for the first time, and the results gave us the five weirdest things about our country according to tourists.

1. There are a ton of squirrels.

2. The size of our sodas.

3. The giant turkey legs for sale at amusement parks.

4. All of the drive-thrus, and not just for fast food. For coffee, pharmacies, liquor, and more.

5. All the ads for lawyers and prescription drugs.
So I came up with a list of the five weirdest things tourists probably think when they visit Minnesota.
1. Why do they stuff cheese inside their burgers?

2. People wear shorts and hooded sweatshirts at the same time

3. People are obnoxiously nice here

4. Strangers making conversation with you in random places/ and waving to you as you drive down the road

5. Hot Dish

What else would you add to this list? Leave me a comment below!