We tried something off the secret Starbucks menu yesterday. Apparently the newest thing people are ordering is called "Baby Vomit." YES...BABY VOMIT!

You start by ordering an iced green tea latte. Then you add all of the following things:

1. One pump each of all these syrups: sugar free vanilla, sugar free cinnamon dolce, pumpkin spice, sugar free mocha, and sugar free caramel syrup. And two pumps of sugar free hazelnut.

2. Coconut milk.

3. Six scoops of matcha powder, a scoop of light vanilla powder, a scoop of light cinnamon powder, and a scoop of light nutmeg powder.

4. Mocha drizzle, light caramel drizzle, and SALT on top.

5. And then finally some whipped cream and pumpkin topping.

It costs about $6.00 and basically tastes like crap!  We won't be ordering this ever again.