We say a goodbye this afternoon to not only a pop idol, but somebody who has done so much for central Minnesota. Bobby Vee has supported numerous charities, schools, and communities right here in the greater St. Cloud metro for over four decades. The debt of gratitude we owe Bobby and his family can never be fully repaid. Please keep Bobby's family, friends, and fans in your prayers today.

Mass Of Christian Burial will be today Wednesday, November 2nd at 12:00 p.m. at St. John’s Abbey Church in Collegeville. Vee was born Robert Velline in 1943 in Fargo. He died on Monday at the age of 73 at the Wellstead Of Rogers Care Facility.

Chad Taylor

Below is what I posted on my personal Facebook page last week about Bobby Vee...

This man is Bobby Vee. Yes, he was one of the biggest pop idols in music history, but more importantly he was a good man. I first met him in the late 90s when I was working for a radio station in Milwaukee. He was playing a show with Peter Noone and backed by his talented sons. Bobby was very busy this day, tons of fans waiting to say hi, a show to perform, and press to do. He saw me standing off to the side of the stage holding my #1 hits book with my buddy Jim Cech and came over to us. Introduced himself, chatted us up, took interest in the books, our careers, and even our families.

After the show, he spotted us again and called us over by name. I've had the pleasure of seeing him many more times over the years at various venues around the nation. Every single time, he has called me by my name, asked how things were going, and said to give his love to my family. The last time I spent time with him was in 2015 when his family brought him to HALFWAY JAM. Even with his health the way it was, again the conversation was all about me, how I was doing, and how my family was. My heart breaks not for the loss of such a gifted entertainer, but for a man we should all strive to be like. If the world had more Bobby Vee's, l promise you it wouldn't look like it does today. Thank you Robby Vee, Jenny Vee, Jeffrey Velline and Tommy Vee for sharing this good man with the world. I know he's taking good care of his baby (your mom) in heaven tonight. And I can only imagine the conversations he's having with Buddy Holly....he will be laid to rest on Wednesday. Say a prayer for his family.