The world wide web of mis-information has two different versions of Jennifer Lopez and Boyfriend Casper Smart and allowance.

One says that J-Lo is giving Casper $10,000 a week, but she is beginning to realize that he is just using her for the money. He will go shopping and come back with bags and nothing is for her. He goes out with the boys to fancy restaurants and clubs and doesn't invite her.

Do you really see a woman as strong as Jennifer just handing out ten grand a week to a lover? Can she afford it? Yes! Does she need to? No. Not that I am a dating expert but, if you give your significant other money when you are just dating, doesn't that set the tone for the entire relationship. Don't get me wrong, if you are a stay at home spouse and the other has a good paying job, technically "allwance" is normal. I see nothing wrong with that at all! Do you think it's odd to be given money while just dating someone? Sure they pay for dinner, gifts, and other things, but just straight up money, hmm...

The other story claims that Jennifer was NEVER giving Casper money. This is the story I believe. Casper is a back-up dancer. I don't think he is breaking the bank in his career, but I would think he makes enough to support himself without the help of Jen. She might pay for some of his things, dinner, and gifts. I see nothing wrong with the woman making more than the man. She might be considered his "sugar-mama" but if she's fine paying the dinner bill, then go ahead and treat the man.

Do you believe the crazy rumor that she was giving him $10,000 a week? Should money be handed out in the beginning of a relationship, big or small amount? I personally wouldn't date a man just to get money, but when we are talking $10,000 a week, if all I had to do was take Jen out to dinner, go shopping, dancing, I could date her for a month and be paid up on all my bills for a year! Now if Jen were Adam Levine that would really work...

Here is the latest music video from Jennifer feat. Pitbull "Dance Again" also featuring Casper as the risque man towards the end of the video.

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