Having trouble getting your kids to do chores? There's an app that claims it will have your kids begging to do housework. 

The app, called ChoreMonster claims that it can make your kids actually beg to do chores.

Bribes always worked for me because I was lazy when I was a kid, but Mom and Dad always made me aware about the fact that doing chores was non-negotiable so I did it, but never begged to do them.

Apparently, the app lets you set up a rewards program and assign point values to different chores. For example; cleaning their room can be worth 50 points, putting away their toys can be worth 10 points and so on, so when they do enough chores and the point values add up, they can get a specific reward of your choosing like a new toy they've been asking for, a "raise" on their allowances, more minutes on their phone or an extra hour on the computer.

You can download the app on your phone and your kids' phones so they can see how many points they have and how close they are to their specific reward.

The app, by the way is free for iPhones and you can download it by clicking HERE. It's not available yet for Android users, however you can visit their website by clicking HERE to learn more.