WAITE PARK -- Waite Park officials are heading to the capital Thursday to ask for help in funding their amphitheater project.

The city is requesting about $5-million in state bonding money for the project. Mayor Rick Miller says after talking with local lawmakers, they thought they try their hand at the state level.

"They seem to be all in favor of it, I haven't heard any of them opposed to it. I think they all think it's a reasonable request and good for the state," says Miller.

The city wants to keep the total project cost under $7-million. While the project doesn't hinge on state funding, Miller says it would make it easier financially.

He says the amphitheater will not only be a gem for Waite Park but a must see destination for the state.

"We think the amphitheater is not just a Waite Park thing. We hope when this is built entertainers would say you got to go to Minnesota and perform in the amphitheater," says Miller.

Their request will be heard by state bonding leaders starting at 11:00 a.m.

Architects are expected to bring a master cost plan for the amphitheater to the council later this month.