I'm excited to visit all the great local attractions right here in Central Minnesota.  The series I'm working on for the next two weeks is called "Day-Cations."  I will explore fun, family friendly destinations right here in our very own backyard.  I've already made two stops on my tour and look forward to many more in the next week or so.  My first stop was in Little Falls, MN at the Charles A. Lindbergh Historic Site.

This past Saturday afternoon after the "Dam Fest" parade we stopped at the Charles A. Lindbergh Historic Site.  We were greeted by the site supervisor, Melissa Peterson and her very welcoming team.  We were taken on a guided tour of his boyhood home which is adjacent to the museum.  The tour guide was very knowledgeable and gave us the history off the property and answered any questions we had prior to going inside.  I was surprised to find out that 99.9% of what was inside the home, was actual furniture and pieces that Charles and his mother used during the time they lived there.  Some of the things we enjoyed seeing were the old fashion refridgerator off the kitchen and the Lindbergh's original car that had been fully restored by a local group. 

Highlights inside the museum include the replica of Lindbergh's "Spirit of St. Louis" cockpit and films in the theater that show historic flight footage.  They have a full gift shop on site including books, clothing, toys and DVD's.  Across the street you will find the beautiful Charles A. Lindbergh State Park with trails, wildlife and so much more. 


$8 Adults, $7 Seniors & Students, $6 Children (6-17 years old). 


Memorial Day-Labor Day Thursday-Saturday 10-5PM / Sunday 12-5PM Closed Monday-Wed except for holidays.  May, September and October reserved for group tours. 

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